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We are currently entering our eighth year of business and getting busier and busier Best Catering Services in Hyderabad much for my NY’s determination from 2006! 🙂 Check us out on Facebook as that appears to get refreshed all the more every now and again. Best Catering Services in Hyderabad Prairie Oven has gone up against serving hot snacks to one of the neighborhood schools here once in a while and we chose to attempt and go as “green” as conceivable with the takeout holders and utensils that we have to use for this. They are on the whole compostable and now we’ve joined compostable providing food plate for different occasions that we cook. We are additionally associated with the neighborhood nourishment development in Camrose through Stoney Creek Natural Foods and have been utilizing nearby and additionally natural: flour, oats, herbs, carrots, celery, rice, grain, lentils, and nectar. You can discover our without gluten maple cake and brownies at Country Accent which is a neighborhood sustenance center point in Camrose yet Prairie Oven will take orders for mass heated products Best Catering Services in Hyderabad

On the greener side too, we compost all nourishment squander and reuse everything conceivable with the city and furthermore are getting into vermicomposting. Wriggle, wriggle!

Best Caterers in Hyderabad - Prasidh Caterers

16 best saving ideas to make your best wedding marriage​ in low budget

If you want to save a money on your loving weddings, here some of the best saving ideas to make your best wedding in low budget.Party Table

1. Provide Your Own Appetizers

This may take time-consuming, but it’s actually pretty easy, mainly if you prefer snacks that can be made ahead of time and cold, then just warmed up right before snacks hour. Most caterers charge an overprice for snacks, and you could save some amount of percent. Here are some of the prasidh cuisines favorite, quick and easy snacks recipe ideas you can use.

2. Don’t Have More Waiters

Our Client’s thought it would be really fun to have waiters walking around with trays of snacks and drinks at their marriages. the end however, they decided to pass on the suggestion. Your visitors will care a bunch more about truly having snacks than how it is offered to them, and you will not have to pay the additional wait employees.

3. Set out Simple

Your visitors will maybe hungry when they enter at the greeting, and most of them would not care what they would have as long as they can have some variety of snacks before the wedding. So prefer few simple dry snacks, juices, and some fruit chat. Your visitors will be very fulfilled with just that.

4. Bring your own beverages

When you reserve your wedding venue, make sure to ask over if it is okay to carry your own beverages. By bringing your own cocktail and liquor, you would not have to pay the overstated prices.

5. Limit Open Bar

If your wedding is for 4 hours, judge only having open liqueur counter for the first hour. Many guests will have a drink when they enter the party while they are coming up for the celebrations to begin and will not have a 2nd drink. Others will run off after ceremonial dinner is served and will not even be there for the second half to have an open bar.

6. Serve Non-Alcoholic Beverages

We at prasidh caterers recently organize a beautiful wedding on a farm once that served a bunch of non-alcoholic drinks, such as fruit smoothies.

7. Do not Set up a table system

Serving intense snacks instead of a meal has been a big style in modern years. visitors could mingle more, and can still get happy with the appetizers. And your budget will thank you too.

8. Pick a Hall that allows Outdoor Catering Services

Make sure your wedding hall allows you to use the caterers of your selection. This is not the case with a lot of banquette halls that want you to eat their catering food.

9. make sure the Prices of Both plate and Buffet Meals

We always suggest that a buffet is more costly because visitors will eat extra food. At the venue for your wedding, this was right; the buffet was most costly than the plated catering. Others will fight the opposite. Our suggestion is to verify the prices of both options and go with the cheaper and best catering services in Hyderabad or anywhere.

10. Consider food counters

the counters concept allows visitors to stay different types of food stations to get their foodstuff. You would have a figure station, an Italian pasta station, a fruit chat station, a south Indian food station, vegetarian food counter and non-vegetarian food so on. This is the best option for current weddings.

11. Have Your Family Cook

You might have pre-wedding parties the day before your wedding where the best chefs in your family get jointly to make their customized dishes. This plan will work great with also a buffet or sitting arrangements.

12. Do not keep Out of Seasonal food

Several dishes are seasonal, so make sure you do not serve no matter which out of season. This can be very expensive because the food needs to be transported long distances, which effect catering prices.

13. Have a Sweets Bar

Go to a nearest sweet store and pick out best sweets to serve in different dishes on a sweet section. This is much cheaper than a catering sweets and a lot more fun.

14. Serve Smaller Slices

If you decide to keep costly sweets in your wedding that is more expensive, see if you can make small as if possible, and serve minor slices. Most caterers in Hyderabad charge by the sweets. So make small slices if possible.

15. Keep Daytime wedding

Usually, Breakfast and lunch cost less than dinner so think to have a morning weddings. we have been doing wedding caterings in Hyderabad for 12 years now, we don’t charge either daytime or dinner, we do charge same for all time.

16. Invite fewer guests

As we told, catering food is where a giant amount of your cash goes for a wedding. Since catering plate per man is usually charged by the head, invite fewer guests as a way to save some money. This applies to the cocktail invitation as well.


There are lots of ways to save money on food and drink at your wedding, make sure that choose best wedding caterers, have sample food before you are going to pay advance.

Best Caterers in Hyderabad - Prasidh Caterers

Best caterers in Hyderabad

Looking for Best catering services in Hyderabad? Check this out, Choose Prasidh Catering!

Prasidh Catering Services in Hyderabad is the first place to turn for premium catering for your All type of occasion, Convention, Weddings, Reception, Birthday Party, or any other Catering services in Hyderabad, no matter where you live. We specialize in on-site

Do you need Best catering services in Hyderabad ?

We  Serve for wedding caterings in Hyderabad. And it also includes all types of North Indian food, including Gujarati and South Indian, Indo-Chinese, Fusion, Sweets and Appetizers As well As Mixed Drinks. Prasidh Caterers is the Best corporate caterers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, our clients have been enjoying our food since  10 years. Why not contact us to see what we can do for you? If you need North Indian or South Indian food Caterers in Hyderabad, foodies can be proud to eat or Veg catering services in Hyderabad, we’re the first and finest option. Whether you want Pure Vegetarian catering and Non vegetarian in Hyderabad, All Non-Veg meet are HALALL.

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Best Wedding Catering Services in Hyderabad – Prasidh Caterers & Events

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Wedding Caterers in Hyderabad

Wedding Caterers in Hyderabad

Prasidh Cuisines takes importance in firmly believing its values which help us in crafting a lasting impression on the minds of our clients. Our values are very simple – our each and every client deserve the best! We recognize the high expectations of our clients and we put all our hard work to bring our promises.

We hold an experience of more than 10 years in providing top Wedding catering services in Hyderabad and cooking excellence in number of weddings, corporate catering services and social occasions. Our delicious food, supreme presentation and the fulfillment of wishes of our clients has resulted in amazing years of authentic reputation.

We provide a one-stop solution for all the necessities of our clients. We offer an absolutely adapted event catering services with everything personalized to meet the individual needs of clients. · Uncategorized

Corporate Caterers in hyderabad

Corporate Catering Services in HyderabadCorporate Catering Services in Hyderabad

Prasidh cuisines believes in delivering skilled and excellent catering services in organizing Corporate Events. Becoming a partner of choice in the long run, we make sure to fulfill your unique requirements helping you meet all your professional and personal needs. We struggle to be valuable and useful source of information and guidance for all aspects of your corporate party and events. It is our desire that every event you hope be an outstanding and amazing one.

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corporate caterers in hyderabad

Acknowledged in bringing the most capable and worthwhile concepts for your corporate party, you can look at a wholly special and memorable experience customized to suit your necessities and budget. At Prasidh cuisines our event planners struggle hard towards adding grace and style to your corporate party and creating an extensive experience with rich style and creativity, assembled together with great ideas and thoughts. Prasidh cuisines offers you enormous range to fulfill your desire to throw a fulsome party, by associating you with world prestigious surroundings.

Prasidh cuisines feels strongest sense of satisfaction while delivering professional and excellent catering services for your corporate events.To book or inquire about Prasidh cuisines for corporate parties. · Uncategorized

Wedding Catering Services in Hyderabad

Wedding Catering Services

Prasidh Catering Services is a splendid wedding catering company based in Hyderabad. A perfect and typical destination where you will encounter a wide spectrum of top quality, fine and best services available to make your dream day come true. We will make your halt an extraordinary experience, enabling you to get in touch with an superb life-style and to enjoy its supreme qualities in full.

Prasidh caterers can help you arrange your wedding in a luxurious and foodie atmosphere turning your day into a brighter and sparkling one. We wish to give you the best guidance by widely sharing our innumerable experiences and knowledge. We would be more enthusiastic to realize your dream of a cheerful wedding. The purpose of Prasidh caterers is to schedule a wealthy wedding creating a high standard arrangements be it decorations, flower arrangements, musicians, bar-tending, unique gifts and also the cuisine.
Just enjoy the great moment and your special time. Be grateful for an outstanding event with evergreen and amazing memories.

Celebrate your special occasions with Prasidh Cuisines. Wedding catering services in Telangana are carried out by highly skilled catering professionals. To book or find out about wedding catering services, Contact us: Sravan kumar vangari( +91 9059530560 ).


Our USP – Corporate Caterers in Hyderabad | Prasidh Caterers

Corporate Caterers in Hyderabad : We at Prasidh Cuisines depends on planning our all events carefully with complete and Amazing Innovations & Masterful Planning. We believe in turning your festivals into meaningful, true and memorable event. We are known as a Quality Driven and Client Oriented Association and believe in attaining Hundred Percent Customer Satisfaction. …

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Corporate Caterers in Hyderabad : We at Prasidh Cuisines depends on planning our all events carefully with complete and Amazing Innovations & Masterful Planning. We believe in turning your festivals into meaningful, true and memorable event. We are known as a Quality Driven and Client Oriented Association and believe in attaining Hundred Percent Customer Satisfaction. Our efforts and pressure on providing best catering services in Hyderabad, makes our association with our clients a thing of a lifetime.

What makes us different is

• Ability to work as per clients’ wish and target.
• Provide world class cuisine as per requirement.
• Generous set-ups that add to the ambience of the event/function.
• Excellent attention and best service.
• Mobility to serve anytime anywhere without any time fixation.